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Welcome my fellow actors, directors and friends

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I love having you on my blog, giving you tips for everyday life and what to do with it, in order to become Great on stage, safe and Universal.

Perceptual acting and directing is a completely new approach for artists to answer to the unanswered panhuman question of “who am I”.

Final logoWith this new information of quantum physics incorporated into practicing perception in order to coordinate an actor with his/her character, there is no need to recreate the reality in which the character is living because this reality already exists in a parallel framework. All the actor needs is to get in tune with this framework. What an actor experiences on stage is the result of what he/she believes to be true. An infinite amount of frameworks exist in an infinite number of universes, therefore an infinite amount of parallel truths really exist even though man only experiences one reality at a time.

For a person to switch from who he/she is to his/her character is like looking through a window of another self and not one of his/her previous self. Both selves are real. This is known as an inflation of consciousness. Εugene Wigner, a theoretical physicist and mathematician who received half of the Nobel Prize in 1963 said “It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness”.

What does that mean and how will it help you become a Great Artist?

To be continued…

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