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Supraconscious Mastery:
Awakening Your Inner Genius for Transcendent Living

Harness the power of conscious creation, shaping your desired future. Embark on a transformative journey, unlocking your infinite potential.

What Will You Learn?


Renaissance of INTELLIGENCE,
mastering the New Thought of the New Human of the New Century

We humans by definition are actors acting upon every small significant or insignificant decision we make and our small significant or insignificant thoughts, feelings, decisions, actions are shaping our history. They create our future. They create the past of our progeny. We depend on and from each other.

Supraconscious You educate man to develop the necessary skills to deal effectively with the unpredictable and to co-create concepts within different contexts, to understand the meaning of the world around with a substantial appreciation with the main focus on cultivating perception and using personal intelligence and clarity.

Perception, clarity, and intelligence are the main components of a Genius.

Supraconscious You is a unique self-immersive exploration for taming the features of self-education because it can simulate real life and experience and tackle issues in a way that is impossible with other learning systems.

It is an integral part of planning the integration of teaching in every education, every professional, every parent, every teenager, and every person seeking completion.

  • You study empirically, cognitively, and theoretically, the process followed in your brain to enter the measures of identity that each time you are called to embrace as behavior according to personal and social needs.
  • You conquer radical resilience, the power that thrives inside you to be authentic and direct all experiences you have in life to transcend consciousness.
  • You acquire the ability to steer the two primary forces within you, which are the inner grasp of consciousness and the greater goal of the higher self. In this manner, you connect yourself to the existence.
  • The training is not only a set of techniques but also a demanding exercise of imagination and inspirational thought strategies to answer fundamental existential questions, helping you to remain authentic and present during the creative process, reminding you that the transition to another level of consciousness is always possible and real
  • You build the soul/mind/body relationship.
  • You connect with an infinite force of enormous intelligence beyond your physical self, experiencing the bliss of the true self, the source of the soul.


Together we will build the Genius mindset that will give you the unity of thought in all the thoughts, decisions, and actions of your life.

You will receive individual guidance based on your needs and desires on how to transform yourself and authentically direct your divine life.


At a time when the arts and sciences are converging more than ever, Supraconscious You theory and method is merging theories of quantum physics, knowledge of the Ethos map, Greek philosophy, mindfulness, free correlation of intuitive psychoanalysis, innovative psychology theories, the use of language, neuroscience, creative writing with the famous Actors Studio method into a new harmony. New levels of understanding are constructed, beyond “technique and analysis” to “experience and the existing”.

With techniques such as:

  • Frames of being
  • Quantum Leap of faith
  • The new ID
  • Ethos Map
  • The observer and the observed
  • Five senses and beyond
  • Redirect the use of language
  • The fifth wall
  • Free correlation of intuitive psychoanalysis
  • Synchronization with vibrations
  • Transactional theory of personality
  • Dimensions exploration
  • Detailed Method acting training using theories, exercises, and the System by Stanford Meisner, Uta Hagen, Lee Strasberg, Konstantin Stanislavsky, Stella Adler


…and many more inspired by quantum theory, a solid method emerges for your personal awakening.


Maria Olon Tsaroucha

Artist, researcher, educator, author, empowering seekers towards self-realization. Learn more...

Group Membership

Create your Genius Mindset

Duration Time
24 weeks
36 hours
10 people
Immersive self-exploration, one to one

Become your own mentor

Duration Time
32 weeks
48 hours
Maria Olon’s work upholds a Socratic attitude in life: fall as little as you can in the black holes of your high certainties, accepting the selfishness and vulgarity of human existence, not demanding, begging, accepting, or condescending; and ultimately be sympathetic, with healthy kindness and intelligence, with brilliant honesty, integrity, respect, and gratitude. Maria Olon is not a common human being.
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