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Supraconscious Mastery date

The 30 Min Supraconscious Mastery date is a custom, LIVE ZOOM introduction of ourselves. During this 30-minute, we will dive into your deepest desires, needs, and wants. What you wish to achieve or change, in order to liberate yourself from all inadequacies and direct your life in your own unique and authentic way. What hidden knowledge you have not acquired yet and how I can turn the spotlight inside to make your subconscious conscious and take actions to transform your life forever.


Honestly, I do NOT sell anything on this call, I do not engage in pushy or high-pressure sales tactics. I love meeting people. However, as my time and resources are valuable, I can only offer one date. So I ask that you wait to book this session until you are actively looking for my mentorship (IF it is necessary) and a lifetime friendship ( IF you wish).


This call WILL NOT apply for you if you have no urge to commit in transformation. Your level of readiness will determine the starting point of our mentoring relationship.

And finally, I prepare for your session in advance, if you need to reschedule for any reason, please do me the kindness of cancelling/rescheduling in advance (look for the link in your calendar invite/confirmation email) so I can free that time up for someone else!

I can’t wait to become a valuable asset in your evolution process!


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