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«Director – performer Maria Tsaroucha with her new theory and method of Perceptual Acting and Directing»

With her live performance in “18 moments of MAGIC IN THE AIR” by the extremely successful Magic Room Theater that took place in collaboration with the Municipality of Kifissia during Christmas 2016, the director and actor Maria Tsaroucha once again managed to dazzle the audience with her own unique method. Directing a life performance is a challenge in itself since the artist works with nothing but his or her momentum, aesthetic qualities and improvised communication with the audience.  

Ms. Tsarouchas ability to deconstruct herself and the energy she releases into the atmosphere truly elevates you to a different dimension. This is all due to the fact that Ms. Tsaroucha directs “perception” which means that she bases all of her work as an artist in laying the foundations for a new approach to art that will render it universal, eternal, real and part of a “whole”, without the limitations of time and space. This is why she has created her own theory and method known as Perceptual Acting and Directing, a method that combines Art and quantum physics. Ms. Tsaroucha manages to transport us to where we all need to find ourselves, to our true human condition, to love. The Magic Room Theater was founded by the director herself in 2003. She has staged a number of plays and musicals including “mia ipopsia stin skini”, “Reunion”, “Lola’s Cabaret”, “It’s a Wonder Full World” and “Maria in Abundance”. Magic Room Theater performances are based on impeccable aesthetics, deconstructing the artist’s ‘diva’, the internal monologue that preoccupies an artist every time he/she produces a play and the audience’s and artist’s need to experience the emotions that music evokes with all of his/her senses. In addition, Magic Room Theatre focuses on the beauty of watching art and the secret code of communication between theatre itself and art.

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