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21 century

You are All that you can imagine, the WHOLE UNIVERSE is inside you.

What you need to do as an actor is train yourself to channeling.

Train yourself to communicate with your Higher Consciousness.

Train yourself to become more enlighten, more truthful, wiser, more giving, more universal and the Love will glow.

You are so complete, so amazing, so ready ….all the moments.

Work moment to moment exercise  every day.

Work moment to moment with Nature.

Working with Nature helps you to start opening.

Touch, smell, taste, listen, notice every tiny detail of Natures beauty and communicate through your senses.

Sense the way you are  being part of Nature.

The repetition helps you to channel.

As a beginner you will face difficulties of getting rid of the old habits.

You have to be patient and absolutely trust the flow.

Art is the path to become multidimensional.

Our inner eye is the way to overcome our stiff way we have been bearded to view the world.

Start practicing with your inner eye.

Enjoy the sudden moments of inspiration.

To be continued…

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