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This summer live an immersive experience of transformation.

Experience your five senses to the fullest!

Activate your brain and heart with the 5 meditative sound frequencies of transformations.

Uplevel your life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, enjoy relaxation and rebalance positive energy while you “be”come part of the world, community and nature.

Get ready for a magical journey as Maria’s transformational quitted meditation beams directly into your mind and heart while you unite with miraculous natures surroundings, in Mikri Vigla.

Experience Greek organic products and wine.

A joyful therapeutic evening for clearing blockages in the body, mind heart and spirit to release that which no longer serves!

  1. Check-in begins at 6.30 pm. 
  2. Short introduction and intention-setting.
  3. Kirios Nikos starts preparing our dinner while  introducing us to Naxian organic products. 
  4. While the sun sets explore inner transformative meditation and endow  with the possibility of managing at will your divine aspects. Through supraconscious meditative reflection and transcendence, master new approaches of language’s weight, form, shape, color and interpretation, body’s inspirational stillness in movement, mind’s clarity, and heart’s joy. 
  5. At 8.30 pm enjoy a shared unique dinner experience.  Greek God’s food  for the soul and wine for the mind! 
  6. After dinner, a sharing heart gifts discussion will follow. Receive a Supraconscious personal observation and guidance that you can practice every moment.. Activate self healing, inspiration, creativity, higher consciousness through your new personal intuitive perspective in life.

*Supraconscious  meditation is a self explorative experience. The artist and motivational mentor Maria Olon, in her live improvisational meditations, transports audiences on a journey that is at once expansive and transformative, inspired by mystical traditions, the arts, neuroscience, theoretical physics and the priceless discovery of the “moment” that transform the experience in a state of serenity and clarity, with the spirit rhythm to carry it forward into your life.

Don’t forget to bring your favorite supplies, your beach towel and warm layers as it can get chilly when the sun sets.

This event will sell out so don’t wait to purchase tickets!

We welcome you to Supraconscious community!

*This event is inspired and Sponsored by “Supraconscious theory and method” from the Amazon best seller “Supraconscious, the Genius within you”.

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