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Transcending Consciousness

Peel back the curtain that separates you from consciously connecting with the divine genius within, finally becoming who you were always meant to be: The director of your own reality.

Society conditions us to believe in limitations and that movies and fairy tales can’t happen in real life. But some of us feel a greater calling, sensing our infinite power and longing to become the authors of our own stories. Despite our doubts, we hold onto our daydreams and seek to unlock our true potential.


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Maria Olon

Here is my story

Ηello dear seeker, my name is Maria.

I am an artist, researcher, educator, author, a prolific thinker.

For the last eighteen years of my life, I have been researching philosophical systems that study human nature, personal development, and consciousness. It all started when I realized that I had been living a life, I did not choose consciously. A life imposed by family and society and outdated belief systems. I was an inspirational wife model and a successful actor and director, still, I broke all illusionary frameworks that wanted me to adapt, realizing that wasn’t me! I was a champion in a world I did not belong to. One night the subconscious mind suddenly woke me up. I felt disconnected and yet more connected than ever. To what? A voice has spoken to me saying “Who are you?”.

That was the turning point. That was the rebirth.

Free yourself from all bonds by applying practical philosophy in your life and conquering your spiritual path to wholeness.

Philosophy is a combination of two Greek words, philein sophia, meaning lover of wisdom.

Being a lover of wisdom means expressing and applying your innate genius in all areas of your life. No matter who you are and what you do.
Ready to discover your innate potential? Αccess hidden knowledge and embrace a new meaning in life? It’s time to activate your quantum leap and create the simulation of your dreams. Join me on the path to your divine self. Τhe path you take to translate and decode your experiences.

Frame by frame -like the film of a moving motion picture-, Supraconscious You creates a transitional space where everything is in motion. It is from this space, that you are able to actualize an Alma-Quantum Leap of being.

A state of being in which you wake up, to witness your own awareness, and the fundamental reality of existence beyond the roles you play.


What is P.A.D.?

SupraConscious—The Genius within You

The Genius within You​

This book is the core textbook of a quantum science of acting on stage and in life. At a time when the arts and sciences converge more than ever, PAD speaks about a contemporary, tangible meta-physics, fusing theories of quantum physics with mindfulness and the famous Method of the Actors’ Studio, in a new harmony.
Deepak Chopra MD
Deepak Chopra MDPioneer of integrative medicine and author of 90 books
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"Maria Olon Tsaroucha has written SupraConscious, The Genius Within You, a very important book. Cultivation of witnessing awareness in method acting can awaken us to the fundamental reality of existence beyond the roles we play.

This is meditation in action.


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