Supraconscious You

Maria Olon Tsaroucha 28

Maria Olon Tsaroucha

Ιnstructor Maria Olon Tsaroucha,
the author of Amazon’s best seller «Supraconscious—The Genius within You»

christina tsaliki

Christina Tsaliki
Coaching and Psychology

Christina Tsaliki is a writer, lyricist and academic researcher. She was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1985. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She is an external research fellow at the Center for Qualitative Research in Psychosocial Well-being, UOA, with participation and publication in international conferences and articles in scientific journals. Her research interests involve dementia, the importance of reminiscence, memory and narrative therapy, mindfulness and consciousness, cinema and photo-language as means of self therapy.

Antonis Vlachos

Antonis Vlachos

The Man.

Isidoros Rigas

Isidoros Rigas


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